Just A Regular Nigga

Just a goon doing good things.

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The Shadowhunter Chronicles by Cassandra Clare.

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Behind the curtain (by Antti-Jussi Liikala)

Urgent security update


Bad news: A major vulnerability has been disclosed for the technology that powers encryption across the majority of the internet. That includes Tumblr. Our team took immediate action to fix the issue, but you should still take some time to change your password, not only here but on any other sites you visit. 

You should also strongly consider enabling two-factor authentication. It’ll go a long way to ensure that no one besides you can access your account. Thanks, and take care.


Local gas station made a funny



Like your mother and your cousin, your aunt, your sister-in-law, your grandmother and every single woman in your family.

do they all just mate with the same man or something

obviously they reproduce asexually through mitosis

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ATTENTION ALL GIRLS AND LADIES: if you walk from home, school, office or anywhere and you are alone and you come across a little boy crying holding a piece of paper with an address on it, DO NOT TAKE HIM THERE! take him straight to the police station for this is the new ‘gang’ way of rape. The incident is getting worse. Warn your families. Reblog this so this message can get accross to everyone. 

I will always reblog things like this, it won’t ruin your blog or the look of it, and this could potentially save a life.

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nothing can hurt you when you genuinely love rick astleys never gonna give you up

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